shift the way you can influence your health, happiness and success... ​​


Hello, my name is Jodie and I am excited to bring you SHIFT Body and Mind Health Consulting to help you transform the way you operate in your life. My methods bring to life a new generation of health, happiness and success.

Do you have niggling symptoms, performance blocks or major issues that you have not been able to find a way to shift and move past? 

As a Body and Mind Well-being Specialist, I look at behaviour & symptoms from a different perspective.

With a focus on how the mind, brain and body interact at a subconscious level, I help you understand why you function with certain behaviour patterns or experience specific emotional, mental or physical symptoms, get to the heart of what caused them and support you to resolve and heal from them. 

My goal is to help you create the real, lasting shifts you need to transform your health, happiness and success more than you dreamed possible.
love Jodie xxx.
At SHIFT we focus on what creates health -  behavioural, emotional, mental and physical health, they are all important and all connected. 

Do you believe your issues are random, bad luck, just physical, genetic, your body failing you or something you just have to live with?  

I propose a different perspective for you... what if your body is too clever to make mistakes and that your issues or symptoms are clues as to what is happening deep within you?

If it is time for you to shift the way you can influence your health, happiness and clearing your blocks to success, then you have found the right place. 

I can help you learn the meaning and cause of your behaviour or symptoms and shift what is holding them in place, assisting you to greater vitality, health and happiness on all levels.

Have you ever wondered what caused your issues or symptoms in the first place? 
Treating symptoms is only working on part of the problem, the other part is what created them. If we don't look at what began the whole process, how can we truly heal or prevent reoccurrence? 
Did you know that beliefs, thoughts, emotions and recall of your memories cause a physical chemical reaction in your body that directly influence behaviour, symptoms and disease? Just like the food you eat or the exercise you do affect how your body functions, so too do your thoughts and emotions. 

I am here to help you remove the fear of and make sense of your health issues. You will learn how your wise body has been adapting to protect you and what to do on an emotional and a belief level that can actively change your behaviour, symptoms and your body's ability to heal.
Using the Biocompass® advanced analysis we can target the root cause of your symptoms, behaviour patterns or what is holding you back and pinpoint the exact emotional stress that began the process.  When we know this, a treatment plan is clear and much more effective. We can create the shifts you need to resolve your behavioural, emotional, mental or physical issue from its roots. Your body can then adapt with a new process and repair itself so you can move on to enhanced health, happiness and success.  
If you’re ready to shift the way you can influence your health, happiness and success, then please contact me on
+61 413 788 781 or [email protected] to arrange your session time.
​​Areas I can help you with...
  • Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Bi-polar Disorder
  • Stress or Traumatic Memories
  • Phobias or Allergies
  • ​New Parent Stress or Post Natal Issues
  • Weight issues 
  • Anger Reactions
  • Peak Performance
  • Sports Performance Related Fear After Injury
  • Learning Blocks or Difficulties​​
  • Chronic Sports Injuries
  • ​Recurring Aches and Pains
  • Skin Issues
Whatever is important to you is what we can work on.
​​Together, we identify and target your specific behavioural, health or success outcomes, then plan and work towards achieving them.

You can take control and know exactly what to do to return to health, happiness and success. 
We use proven therapies that affect the parts of the body, brain and mind required to facilitate your healing. 
Biocompass® advanced analysis is so sharp at pinpointing the cause of your issues or symptoms and Matrix Reimprinting and EFT are so gentle and profoundly life changing in shifting and releasing them.  
If you’re ready to shift the way you can influence your health, happiness and success, then please contact me on
+61 413 788 781 or [email protected] to  arrange your session time.
I have worked with Jodie using Biocompass® to help me deal with the underlying issue of 10 years of recurring eczema on my right foot. Jodie was able to trace my symptoms back to one particular significant emotional life event.

She then did Matrix Reimprinting with me to heal the emotional past that was affecting my eczema.

Jodie is so caring and compassionate, I felt very safe and supported in our session and her follow up and check-in after our session gave me reassurance and support.

Biocompass® is a phenomenal tool for discovering root causes. I highly recommend Jodie as a practitioner to assist you with your healing, both physical and emotional.

Sonja Courtis, New Zealand.
Jodie has helped me using Matrix Reimprinting to love maths and be able to learn it now. I am in grade 6 and since grade 1 I have hated maths and have not been able to learn it, I even remember falling asleep in class during maths once.

I found out in the Matrix when I stopped liking maths and feeling like I couldn't do it and with Jodie's help, I changed that.

I love maths now, somehow, now it just works for me and it is fun.

I hope that reading this you can know that there is a cool way to help change a specific thing that you don't like or want to do into something that you do like or want to do, like me and maths.
Jack, Canberra Australia.
Matrix with Jodie and Caroline changed my life in a few ways, yes only a few, but a few remarkable, marvellous, amazing ways.

While having a life threatening latex allergy practically my whole life, it was annoying, frustrating and sad that I could not play or have things that other kids had like balloons (no, not baboons), or even rubber erasers at school.

At first I was unsure about Matrix Reimprinting, but when I did it I was amazed. I got to see myself as a baby in my mind when I had my allergic reaction to latex tubes down my throat during an operation when I was 11 months old. I got to help that baby stop being scared.

After that session I felt great and apparently I couldn’t stop smiling. I continued with a bit more Matrix Reimprinting and Tapping with Jodie to try and help my latex allergy and after that I could hold a latex balloon with no itchiness, redness or fear at all. I have never been able to do that in my life.

Today though is the most exciting thing, I had my allergy testing done and guess what, I NO LONGER HAVE A LATEX ALLERGY!
I am amazed.

I also use Matrix and Tapping with Jodie for my anxiety and it helps me.

Well that is my experience, it might be completely different to yours. Thank you for reading this.

Jack, Canberra Australia.